Your internet service provider does not peer with AS29697. Image quality is reduced.

ATTN TIME WARNER VIEWERS: Net neutrality dispute filed. Read it here:

We’re sorry, your ISP does not peer with AS29697 and so multiview mode and 720p streaming are unavailable to you. 720p requires at least 2Mb/sec download speed. Multiview HD requires at least 14Mb/sec download speed and a modern computer capable of processing all of the video streams.

High quality streaming media is bandwidth intensive and requires low latency that only peering can provide. Peering is a voluntary interconnection of administratively separate Internet networks for the purpose of exchanging traffic between the users of each network. The pure definition of peering is settlement-free, "bill-and-keep," or "sender keeps all," meaning that neither party pays the other in association with the exchange of traffic; instead, each derives and retains revenue from its own customers.

It is peering that actually creates the Internet, a network of private networks if you will. And ISP’s, such as yours, use peering to connect their network to as much of the Internet as possible so they can provide you with the Internet service you are paying them for. Peering costs nothing – in fact it saves money and improves quality at the same time by avoiding costly transit IP circuits. AS29697 has an open peering policy and is present on many major peering exchanges in the US and Europe. Unfortunately, some ISP’s have become so large and/or enjoy a monopoly that they now charge other networks to connect to their (paying) subscribers.

Whether your ISP is not peering with AS29697 because nobody has asked them to or if it’s because they have demanded a fee that we refuse to pay (peering costs nothing to do), the result is that your ISP currently does not have enough connectivity to for us to present you with our highest quality video or support multiview mode. The camera streams may unfortunately also be unavailable to you during periods of high demand, such as Independence Day fireworks.

You CAN change this. Please contact your ISP and ask that they peer with AS29697. Be persistent and follow-up with them often! Once your ISP begins peering, your image quality will automatically improve and you will be able to enjoy all of in full 720p HD. Demand the Internet access you are paying for!

Our Streaming Media Distribution Policy can be found here: