Streaming Media Distribution Policy

This site is operated by Commercial Network Services and is provided as a free service to the community. The camera locations are graciously donated by their owners, who are sharing their view of San Diego with us.

We continue to build out our network to reach as many viewers as possible via high quality and cost effective peering links. There are currently more than 1290 network peers around the world, whose customers are enjoying our views of San Diego in 720p. There will unfortunately always be networks in far or remote areas that we are unable to communicate with via peering links and so their traffic is sent through limited capacity global transit routes. These routes can become even more congested during peak viewing times, such as US Military deployments and homecomings, The Big Bay Boom on Independence Day and of course the Parade of Lights over the holidays. We will continue to reach out to as many networks as technically feasible to exchange traffic via free and high quality peering links available on public traffic exchanges so that their customers can enjoy our highest quality content. Unfortunately, any network with an opportunity to peer but refuses is ultimately taking capacity away from viewers who are on ISP's with no opportunity to peer with us. We believe this is unfair and a default on the service provided to the paying Internet subscriber.

In order to maximize quality and availability of our content to all viewers, we have adopted the following policy:

Viewers on peering ISP's will be delivered our highest quality 720p content. We do not charge for peering and welcome peering with just about everyone.

Viewers on non-peering ISP's will be delivered a degraded streaming presentation which requires a lesser bit rate, up to the technical limits of the transit circuits. During times of peak traffic, we may limit or restrict viewing to these ISP's completely due to transit capacity limitations.

The San Diego Web Cam ( will refuse to serve streaming content to any network operator who declines our invitation to peer with AS29697, so that we may maximize presentation quality to viewers on ISP's with no opportunity to peer. We believe this is only fair. We will of course enable 720p streaming for the same ISP should they later decide to peer.

Our PeeringDB record can be found here: