March 29, 2014

Welcome to! You are watching a live picture of downtown San Diego & the bay from Tom Ham's Lighthouse on Harbor Island and the Bali Hai on Shelter Island. The call letters below the live view are of local San Diego radio stations - click to listen live. Click "NOAA" to listen live to the national weather service radio broadcast for San Diego County. Click on any of the VHF buttons to listen to VHF marine radio.

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Marine VHF frequencies:

VHF-6: Intership safety
VHF-12: Port operations
VHF-13: Bridge to Bridge
VHF-16: International Distress, Safety and Calling - good to hear alerts about ships about to come or go, listen for "SECURITAY SECURITAY SECURITAY" (the French pronunciation of "Security").
VHF-77: Port operations (intership only)

The cruise ship schedule is listed below. If you want to watch the cruise ships then please note the exact time they arrive in San Diego in is never really known, but they tend to arrive in the morning and leave in the evening.

Want to see more of the San Diego Web Cam? Install the new screen saver for all Windows PC's. The screen saver will display a new still from the live camera every six minutes. Run this installer and select the "SunDiegoLive" screen saver in the configuration box.

We would like to thank the Bali Hai and Tom Ham's Lighthouse for donating awesome camera locations. If you're ever in San Diego, stop by and enjoy a great dinner with an incredible view of San Diego. Their phone number for reservations is +1.619.222-1181


San Diego Bay cruise ship schedule

Crown Princess April 10 (5AM / 5PM)
Grand Princess April 10 (6AM / 5PM)
Celebrity Infinity April 14 (6AM / 5PM)
Statendam April 15 (5AM / 5PM)
Crown Princess April 24 (5AM / 5PM)
Zaandam April 28 (5AM / 5PM)
Westerdam April 29 (5AM / 5PM)

Cruise ships generally arrive in the morning and leave in the evening.

Cargo Ship Schedule:
Phoenix Leader 04/10 03:00 04/10 16:00 South Hampton, UK Disc Automobile
Dole California 04/13 unkn 04/15 unkn Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala Disc Bananas
Cape Town Highway 04/13 05:00 04/13 17:00 Yokohama,Japan Disc Automobile
NOCC Caspian 04/13 15:00 04/14 16:00 Korea Disc Automobile
Jean Anne 04/15 unkn 04/16 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Hoegh Triton 04/16 unkn 04/16 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Asian Chorus 04/16 19:00 04/17 03:00 Veracruz, Ver., Mexico Disc Automobile
Asian Beauty 04/18 05:00 04/18 16:00 Korea Disc Automobile
Eternal Ace 04/19 unkn 04/19 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Galaxy Ace 04/20 05:00 04/20 17:00 Los Angeles, CA Disc Automobile
Ryujin 04/21 unkn 04/21 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Hoegh Trove 04/21 unkn 04/21 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Andromeda Spirit 04/22 unkn 04/22 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Genius Highway 04/23 05:00 04/23 17:00 Long Beach, CA Disc Automobile
CSAV Rio Grande 04/26 unkn 04/26 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Swift Ace 04/27 unkn 04/27 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Pagna 04/28 unkn 04/28 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile
Lyra Leader 04/28 unkn 04/28 unkn Unknown Disc Automobile

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